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As per the study by legal search and consulting firm Vahura, The pandemic period has been the best and worst times for law firms. Best times as it was the highest revenue-earning periods for firms. Worst in terms of stress, mental health, and attrition.

In conversation with LiveMint, our Managing Partner, RAJAT PRAKASH explained that "Attrition was always a key issue for law firms, as eventually, it depends on its ability to retain talent by fulfilling professional and financial aspirations. However, now the added dimension is of physical and mental well-being." He further added, "moving to a more transparent compensation structure". It is also exploring a different compensation structure for flexible and remote working options."

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Legal experts hired by studios said they’re advising clients to stick to authentic sources, getting content vetted, having clean contracts for book rights, signing agreements with families of the film subject and contest cases if any disputes arose before the release

“In terms of making movies on historical events or characters, it is seen that creators have to tread a very thin line as space for creative freedom is shrinking. Even historians have more than one interpretation or view of a character or an event, hence any content showcasing a different point of view has the potential to get entangled in controversy or legal," said Siddharth Mahajan, partner at Athena Legal.