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EU fines Meta: Modify data protection bill or be ready for tussle with other jurisdictions, says JS

As per the proposed DPDP Bill 2022, the government after an assessment will notify the countries or territories outside India to which data may be transferred, Siddharth Mahajan, Partner, Athena Legal said.

"The government under the proposed law intends to have a white-list approach," Mahajan said.

However, when it comes to comparison with similar regulations in jurisdictions such as the EU, the DPDP falls short.

"The GDPR takes into account various situations and also provides standard contractual clauses which may allow transfer of EU data between two private entities located in the EU and outside to facilitate such transfer of data outside the EU," he said.

"Earlier versions of the proposed Indian data law had similar provisions to GDPR; however, the present version is much more simplified," he added.


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