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Gamers Exploit Loopholes To Bypass India’s PUBG Mobile Ban, But Is It Legal?

The return of PUBG Mobile appears nowhere in sight after the IT ministry clarified in its response to an RTI request that the Indian government hasn’t given permission to PUBG Corporation — the video game’s South Korea-based parent entity — to relaunch the popular battle royale esports title’s mobile version in the country.

Siddharth Mahajan, Partner, Athena Legal shared with Inc42 Media that for the formal relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India, the game's parent entity would have to demonstrate to the Indian government that the game is no longer jeopardizing data security for its users and is not prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India. For this purpose, PUBG Corporation would be expected to clarify the modifications that it has made to the game, for the Indian government to allow it to return to the market.

He further added, "The use of the Korean version of PUBG does indeed amount to a violation of the ban imposed by MeitY in September. The government can block all sources from where the game can be downloaded in contravention of the ban."


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