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New law may bring OTT apps under ad, programme codes

The Indian government is working on a new draft broadcasting services regulation bill that could bring all formats, including linear television, radio, and over-the-top (OTT) streaming services, under one regulatory umbrella.

This move has raised concerns within the creative community. Discussing this with @LiveMint our Partner Siddharth Mahajan shared possible challenges and repercussions of bringing the new Broadcasting Services Regulation Bill in place. He said that the codes may apply to OTT under the proposed law and will bring regulation of content on OTT platforms at par with other forms of broadcasting like DTH and linear TV. However, it is also being suggested that the government, at its discretion, may propose a different programme code for OTT, which might give some lee way to OTT content.

He further emphasised that non-compliance can have serious implications, including stopping of transmission or blocking in case of OTT and revocation of license.

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